The Party Band

Acoustic Duo, Trio & Full Band

If you’re hosting a party in your home, garden or a small function room then our acoustic duo could be what you’re looking for. Need a bit more energy? We can add a cajon player (drummer on a box) and give you the power trio to get people bopping and grooving.

The full party band is available for when you want to go large and get everyone up and dancing. We can even add a Sax player if you want to pull out all the stops.

Whichever line up of the the band you choose, you can be sure we’ll help you make this a party everyone will remember. Otherwise what’s the point right!?

Three Awesome Lineups

If you are planning a more intimate party, have limited space or are worried about volume levels then the Acoustic Duo could be the perfect option for you. We’re equally suited to background music or upbeat performances, indoors or outdoors.

Our Funky Trio is perfect for when you want energy and fun in a compact package. The addition of the cajon provides an extra level of groove to the performance, meaning you and your guests will be bopping away in no time at all.

When you have a dancefloor to fill you’re going to need The Duplettes Party Band playing all the classics from the 60’s up to the hits of today. Including vocals, drums, bass, piano and guitar with saxophone as one of a number of extra options.

Whatever You’re Celebrating

We started performing in 2011 and sine then we’ve played hundreds of shows for thousands of guests and almost every type of party you can imagine. From 40th birthday parties to wedding anniversaries, from christmas office parties to christenings and bar mitzvahs. If there’s something to celebrate we can help no matter the occaision, venue or destination.

Birthday Party

Birthday party band

Our clients have hosted birthday parties in almost every venue imaginable. So whether your party is at home, in the garden, in a pub, a function room, a restaurant, on a boat or at a special location, we have the right line up for you.

We suggest : Duo, Trio, Party Band

Garden Party

Garden Party Band

Garden parties can be some of the most memorable social gatherings. We’d usually suggest our Acoustic Duo or Trio but if you have the room and forgiving neighbours we can even bring the whole band!

We suggest : Acoustic Duo, Funky Trio

Christmas Party

Christmas Party Band

There really is nothing like live music at a christmas party. With so many christmas songs to sing along to, you and all your guests will have a ball partying with any of our three lineups.

We suggest : Duo, Trio, Party Band

Civil Partnership

Civil Partnership

We offer all the services listed on our weddings page to couples entering civil partnerships or same-sex marriages. We have a range of lineups and options to make sure all your entertainment needs are covered on your big day.

We suggest : Duo, Trio, Party Band


Baby getting christened

Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs are fantastic occasions for bringing family and loved ones together. Live music can be a great addition to a truly memorable day. We can help whether you’re hosting the event at home or a venue.

We suggest : Duo, Trio, Party Band

Office Party

Office Party with Band

Make your office party one to remember with one of our three great lineups. If you’re having the party in the office then the Duo or Trio might be suitable, but we have also had the full band in an office before!

We suggest : Acoustic Duo

Party Band traveling worldwide

Available worldwide

Plane taking off

Remember that all the options you see here are avialable worldwide. We’re prepared to go pretty much where ever you’d like! So get in touch to have a chat about your party or event today.